Dr. John Curran

Lessons on Branding & Loyalty from the Popcorn Seller

How can a brand give something for free that is helpful to their consumers and also creates brand loyalty? Apple has recently shown that this is not easy when they dropped free copies of U2’s new album users’ folders only to provide a free download tool six days later that allowed users to throw the ...


Foaming at the Mouth: World Cup, Ritual and Behaviour Change

Shared feelings and heavily ritualised behaviour commonly define football fans around the world. For decades anthropologists and sociologists have documented beautifully these aspects of fandom. And I have touched on the subject and written and presented a documentary at the 1998 World Cup in France.   There is one feeling that I think needs special attention ...


The Culture Consultant: The Importance of business anthropology – 1/2

 “Corporations live or die by their connection to culture”. This quote by the anthropologist and author Grant McCracken brings to the forefront the importance of culture within the business world. Culture can be described as the views held in common by a group that have a fundamental role in shaping how markets and brands are ...

Anthropological perspectives on contemporary culture